Message in a Bottle, July 2016

Conceived and created for Art E-Motion's Vending Machine Project at Hamburg Kunst Altonale 2016, Message in a Bottle was produced against the backdrop of the refugee crisis and the UK referendum on membership of the EU, which were dominating the news headlines at the time. Twelve small bottles were separately distributed by vending machine at the Hamburg Kunst Altonale, July 2016, each containing part of the print Altered States above.

The recipient of each bottle in Hamburg received one-twelfth of the image Altered States, an altered view out from the UK east coast towards Hamburg, Germany. The recipient was invited to message back, using the unique code in his or her message. With each message returned, a re-arranged image was assembled to create a limited edition print directly referencing the final destinations of the original messages. Completion of the new image, below, was possible only with the participation of the recipients of capsules from the vending machine.

A l t e r e d   S t a t e s   2 0 1 6

Limited edition print created for participants in Message in a Bottle, Hamburg Vending Machine 2016